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Executive Team

Andy Teuber


Roald Helgesen

Chief Executive Officer and Hospital Administrator

Garvin Federenko

Chief Financial Officer

Marissa Flannery

Vice President of Legal Affairs

LeeAnn Garrick

Vice President of Administrative Services, ANMC

Dr. Tina Woods

Senior Director, Community Health Services

Matt Carle

Vice President of Planning and Business Development

Kirsten Kolb

Senior Director, Strategy and Innovation

Gerald Moses

Senior Director, Intergovernmental Affairs

Anne Kreutzer

Chief Operating Officer, ANMC

Kyan Olanna

Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer

Nacole Heslep

General Counsel

Dr. Robert Onders

Medical Director of Community and Health Systems Improvement

Steve Weaver

Senior Director, Environmental Health and Engineering

Jane Russell

Vice President, Medical and Multi-Specialty Clinics

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