Working to eliminate disparities in vaccine-preventable disease in Alaska Native people

ANTHC’s Immunization program works to eliminate disparities in vaccine-preventable disease in Alaska Native people through immunization.

ANTHC’s Immunization program works with statewide Tribal health partners to coordinate and advocate for the needs of Tribal immunization programs, and educate Tribal staff on immunization recommendations and vaccine-preventable disease.

The program facilitates educational opportunities for a variety of health care providers throughout the Alaska Tribal Health System including:

  • Quarterly regional Immunization Coordinator meetings via webinar with updates on immunization-related topics
  • CHAP training offered in person, through eCHAM and online
  • Vaccinator training provided on campus
  • Immunization coordinator responsibility training
  • Conferences
  • Educational resources and promotional materials

ANTHC 2021 Immunization Schedule
Childhood, older children, adult and catch-up vaccine schedules.


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