Marianne Hammersley, MSW

Behavioral Health Aide - Practitioner

Behavioral Health Wellness Clinic
Telehealth Clinic


Marianne received her Masters of Social Work from Boston College with a focus in clinical work with children, youth, and families. Although initially specializing in work with younger populations, Marianne has worked with individuals of all ages around their behavioral health concerns.

Marianne utilizes a person-centered, empathetic approach to fit the unique needs of each client. Her goal is to have every person leave a session feeling seen and heard, and ultimately, build the trust that allows individuals to feel comfortable and in control of their own therapy. Using primarily cognitive and behavioral treatment modalities, Marianne aims to help clients effectively communicate their needs and feelings, discover and address root problems to present concerns, and build sustainable coping skills to help self-regulate and work towards long-term personal growth and well-being.

Before joining the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium, Marianne worked as a Medical Social Worker and Psychotherapist for Providence Medical Group in Anchorage.