Join the Voices for Recovery during National Recovery Month 2019

September 4, 2019

September is National Recovery Month. Observing Recovery Month helps to increase awareness and understanding of substance use disorders, increase knowledge of recovery resources, and provide support by sharing personal stories of addiction and recovery. The theme for Recovery Month 2019 is Join the Voices for Recovery: Together We Are Stronger.

Recovery is a lifelong process of improving health and well-being while living independently. Many people suffering from addiction achieve sobriety, but recovery can be more difficult. Recovery involves changing your outlook on life, your behavior and your environment. Successful recovery is inspired by the hope that recovery is possible and faith that you can and will recover. Recovery is different for everyone, it is an individualized process that is influenced by several factors including the type of substances used, the severity of addiction, and the duration of which one was using. The Four Pillars of Recovery aid in the process and ability for a person to achieve sobriety and live through the process of recovery. These pillars include:  

  1. Health – making decisions that support physical and mental health and avoiding drugs, alcohol, or other substances
  2. Purpose – living for something, this can be the process of taking care of somebody else, giving back to the community or striving to reach goals
  3. Community – having meaningful relationships that include friendship and love. 
  4. Home – having a safe, stable and stress-free place to live

Across the country, people in recovery are celebrating their pillars of recovery success by sharing with others. Because these successes often go unnoticed by the broader population, personal stories of recovery, or Voices for Recovery, provide a vehicle for people to share their recovery stories in an effort to educate the public about substance misuse treatment. 

For this year’s event, Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium (ANTHC) is promoting the organization, Recover AlaskaRecover Alaskais working towards a solution-based approach to reduce excessive alcohol use and harms across the state by making connections, elevating the conversation and shifting perceptions around alcohol misuse. Read personal stories of recovery, or join the voices of recovery by sharing your personal story by visiting  

As part of Recovery Month, Recover Alaskais holding multiple events throughout the state to promote the process of recovery and celebrate those who have made the active decision to live in recovery. Please show support for your community by attending an event in your area. 

  • September 6 – Recoveryfest 2019 (Anchorage)
  • September 7 – Ketchikan: Stomp the Stigma Recovery March and Resource Rally
  • September 10 – Stories of Recovery (Homer)
  • September 12 – Health Chatter (Seldovia)
  • September 14 – Voices of Recovery (Fairbanks)
  • September 15 – 5K Run/Walk for Recovery (Anchorage)
  • September 19 – National Recovery Month Presentation (Anchor Point)
  • September 22 – Rally on the Park-strip (Anchorage)
  • September 23 – Thriving Thursday (Homer)

A full calendar of Recover Alaskaevents as well as recovery resources, frequently asked questions, and personal stories of recovery can be found on the Recover Alaskawebsite,

If you or someone you know is misusing substances and would like to seek help or treatment, visit: 

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration 

Alaska Department of Health and Social Services—Substance Use Disorder Residential Treatment Statewide Bed Availability 

Recover Alaska

Southcentral Foundation—Detox Facility 

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