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ADTEP Certification & Scope of Practice

Alaska Dental Therapy Educational Program
(907) 729-5600

Upon completion of the 2-year program and a required preceptorship (400 hours minimum) with their supervising dentist, a ADTEP can apply for certification from the Alaska Community Health Aide Program Certification Board (CHAPCB).

After receiving their certification, a ADTEP can provide culturally appropriate dental education and a limited scope of preventive and restorative services under the supervision of a dentist.

Certification lasts for two years. Recertification requires proof of competency in the entire ADTEP scope of practice, which must be confirmed by supervising dentists.

ADTEPs exhibit performance competency in: medical evaluation; dental evaluation; periodontic techniques; clinic management and supervision; restorative dentistry; oral surgery and local anesthesia; infection control; equipment maintenance and repair; and community and preventative dentistry.

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