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ANTHC construction crews help see Koyukuk community projects through

October 16, 2015

When ANTHC construction crews completed work for the Koyukuk health clinic and community water treatment facility this summer, they helped make sure that the job was completed to the end. This meant assisting the city-owned landfill in a clean-up project from leftover construction materials, which helps to sustain the landfill for future use and health and safety of residents.

ANTHC’s work in Koyukuk included building a gravel pad for the new community health clinic, a remodel of the water treatment facility and washeteria, and installation of a biomass boiler for energy efficient heating for the building. Construction projects such as these are designed with minimal waste, but to save construction costs for the community, additional materials are often shipped and then reused, repurposed or responsibly disposed of in the community. ANTHC Project Superintendent Markus Gerlitz was recently commended for his role in the clean-up project.

“The effort you made to complete the landfill work was very much appreciate by the Koyukuk Tribal Council and environmental staff,” said Hazel Lolnitz and April Williams with the Koyukuk Tribal Council Environmental Department. “This good work will improve the health and safety for our residents.”

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