Garvin Federenko

Chief Executive Officer

Garvin Federenko is the Consortium Chief Executive Officer.

Garvin has been with the Consortium since 1998, when he helped transition the organization from federal to Tribal management. Most recently, he served as ANTHC’s Chief Financial Officer, a role he held from 1998 to 2020.

Before joining ANTHC, Garvin worked with Chugachmiut (formerly North Pacific Rim) and the Association of Village Council Presidents in Bethel as their Vice President, Finance.

His role at ANTHC has focused on patient access to care, financial stability and growth, compliance, and quality, while also serving as Interim CEO during a leadership change in 2011.

Garvin moved to Anchorage from Canada in 1982 to attend the University of Alaska Anchorage on a hockey scholarship, earning a bachelor’s degree in Accounting.

Outside of work, Garvin enjoys playing recreational league hockey and spending time with his wife Alice and their two Australian Shepherds.