Alaskan Plants as Food & Medicine

Regional symposiums promoting traditional plant knowledge and ethical harvesting

As the reliance upon imported foods has increased over recent generations and as educational dynamics have shifted, a gap in the knowledge, skills and practice related to Alaskan plants as food and medicine has widened. To help bridge this gap, ANTHC’s Health Promotion program supports trainings and regional symposiums to promote traditional plant knowledge, ethical harvesting and traditional ways of gathering and growing our own food. 

2019 Symposiums:

The following Alaska Plants as Food & Medicine Symposiums are planned for 2019:

Southcentral Foundation is hosting the 2nd Annual Tikahtnu Plants Symposium in Anchorage July 31-August 1. Register online at: 

Norton Sound Health Corporation is hosting the Bering Straits Region Local Plants Symposium in Nome June 26 & 27, 2019.

Stay tuned for Plant Symposiums to be announced for other regions in 2019.

If you have further questions or your region is interested in hosting a plant symposium 2020, please contact ANTHC Health Promotion, Wellness & Prevention at 907-729-3634.

ANTHC’s Health Promotion, Wellness & Prevention wants to thank you for your time and shared interest in Alaskan Plants as Food & Medicine. Our combined efforts to promote traditional plant knowledge and ethical harvesting helps to ensure that our future generations are knowledgeable in regards to the nutritional and healing benefits of plants.