Medical Professionals

Resources for Medical Professionals in the ATHS

Clinical Services:

ANTHC supports telehealth services for the partners of the Alaska Tribal Health System. The telehealth network includes over 200 clinical sites across the state. ANMC Specialists offer a broad range of visits and consults using telemedicine technologies. Most common are either by video appointments or electronic consultations.

Current List of ANMC Services Available

Adolescent Medicine Hepatitis Palliative Care
Breast Cancer Screening HIV/Early Intervention Services Pediatric Endocrinology
Cardiology Infectious Disease Pediatric Neurology
Dermatology Maternal Fetal Medicine Pediatric Speech Language Pathology
Diabetes Nephrology Physical Therapy
Emergency Department Services Neurology Primary Care
Endocrinology Neurosurgery Pulmonology
Gastroenterology Oncology Rheumatology
ENT Orthopedics Speech Language Pathology (Adult)
General Internal Medicine Oncology Nutrition Surgery Clinic
  Pain Clinic Women’s Health (OB/GYN)

Clinical Training and Support

Program staff are also available to help with your telehealth clinical needs. The telehealth team can help you to:

  • optimize your clinic or health organization’s  utilization
  • plan and manage business and clinical workflows
  • increase access efficiency and patient satisfaction
  • track program outcomes
  • plan your strategy for clinical programs

Training is a key component for any ongoing or new telehealth practice. The Telehealth team offers a wide variety of training assistance, including:

  • How to Use Telehealth Equipment
  • Workflows and logistics for clinic staff
  • Courses for Train the Trainer and Superusers

Need training materials or assistance with how to use AFHCAN, Vidyo, or other telehealth equipment

Need help with ordering/purchasing telehealth equipment or software