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Project ECHO combines medical education and guided practice to patients in their home communities

Telehealth Project ECHO 3900 Ambassador Dr. Anchorage, AK 99508 (907) 729-2260
ECHO (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) is a model that combines medical education and guided practice to empower clinicians to better incorporate expert advice into their care for patients in their home communities. The ANTHC Telehealth Department manages the ANMC Project ECHO, a program modeled after the University of New Mexico’s Project ECHO. TeleECHO clinic sessions usually begin with a short didactic presentation followed by case presentations and discussion. Didactic sessions are recorded and posted on the specific clinic’s page. Case presentations are selected by the specific ECHO Clinic Director. All clinicians and health care staff are encouraged to submit cases for potential presentation at any time. Send cases to:  for more information please see the ‘How to’ link below. To participate in the ECHO and receive the weekly announcement with Vidyo connection information, please register through the link below.  CME/CEU is available for participants who are registered.

Palliative Care TeleECHO Registration

How To…

How to Use Vidyo

Using Vidyo for ECHO Sessions

    • Vidyo Desktop Systems
      • Vidyo conferencing from a desktop/laptop is good for 1-2 people to participates
      • When video conferencing over a wireless connection, be aware of bandwidth usage and your system limitations. It is preferred that you connect virtually over a hard-wired connection for best connectivity.
      • Check to make sure that you have a microphone/speaker and camera when utilizing the desktop system. If you do not have a microphone/speaker, dial in by telephone for audio as directed in the clinic connection email.
      • Can’t see or hear participants? Check your system settings to make sure that you have a microphone/speaker and camera selected, and that you are not muted.
      • Click here for more information about Vidyo desktop.
    • Vidyo Room Systems
      • Vidyo conferencing from a room system is preferred for multiple participants.
      • Arrive a bit early and make sure that the camera pre-sets are set to where your multiple participants will be seated
      • Ensure the microphone/speaker are operational. If you do not have a microphone/ speaker, dial in by telephone for audio as directed in the clinic connection email
      • If you cannot hear audio please check the television monitor volume and then the volume control on the room system (they are separate).
      • If the far sight cannot hear your audio, make sure the microphone is not muted (red light is off).
    • Vidyo Desktop TroubleshootingClick here for more specific information.

If you need training in using the Vidyo system, please send an email to: If you need help immediately for a currently running session, please call (907) 317-5209.

How To Submit a Palliative Care Case for Presentation

How to Submit a Palliative Care Case for Presentation in an ECHO Session

Click here to download the Case Presentation form and complete steps:
  • Fill out the form completely
  • Make sure you omit any Identifying Protected Patient Health Information or other information that could easily identify the patient (employer, location, etc.)
  • Fax or email form:
    • Fax Palliative Care Clinic Case Presentation Form to:
      • Attention: Project Echo Palliative Care
        • at (907) 729-1135
    • E-mail Palliative Care Clinic Case Presentation Form to:
    • You should be contacted by the clinic coordinator to schedule a presentation date
    • Attend echo session and present case
    • NOTE: urgent and/or pressing clinical needs should be addressed directly with the clinic providers, not through an ECHO presentation request form.
    • Presentation tips and tricks
      • Arrive or connect to the ECHO conference early. It will allow you time to check your equipment and resolve any issues that may arise.
      • Introduce yourself by name and what location you are connecting from
      • Do NOT disclose protected personal (Health, education, employment, etc.) information.
      • Be aware of the camera and your position to it when presenting cases virtually.
      • Do NOT make unnecessary movements or motions. Try to speak without using hand gestures.
      • During the presentation, speak in a normal voice, the microphones should be able to transmit you normal voice very well.

      If you have any questions regarding the case presentation form or process, please call the Palliative Care Clinic at (907) 729-1112.

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