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Radiological Health

In one visit, our radiation protection surveys meet regulatory requirements for both medical and dental x-ray systems in the State of Alaska.

Institutional Environmental Health
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Radiation Protection Consultative Services
ANTHC’s Institutional Environmental Health Program provides Tribal Health Organizations consultative services and assistance to ensure proper radiation safety. The program conducts radiation protection surveys that meet regulatory requirements for both medical and dental X-ray systems in the State of Alaska. Surveys include compliance monitoring, quality assurance and more importantly, evaluation of patient radiation dose exposures, which is an expectation of most accrediting agencies.

Additional services provided by the program include: the establishment and management of dosimetry programs and investigation of excessive exposures; and shielding design review to help determine the amount of shielding needed when remodeling or installing new X-ray suites.

Health Care Provider X-ray Imaging Course
The Institutional Environmental Health Program, in partnership with Southcentral Foundation, coordinates a diagnostic X-ray imaging course designed for health care professionals working in rural Alaska who take medical X-rays including physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and community health aides.

The diagnostic X-ray imaging course is a four-day course that consists of lectures and demonstrations. The purpose of this course is to help providers optimize radiographic image quality while minimizing X-ray exposure to patients and staff.

Anyone interested in the course should apply, but priority is given to staff working in rural health clinics managed by Tribal Health Organizations. Participants accepted into the course will receive a confirmation email.

Click here for the imaging class registration form.

Note: This course does not meet the 10-hour training requirements for operators of a fluoroscope (which includes C-Arms) (7 AAC 18.420 (c))

Additional Information:

  • There are currently no fees for tuition, but travel, per diem and textbook costs are the responsibility of the attendee or their employer
  • Continuing Education Units are available for nurses and physicians. A certificate of completion, copies of the instructors’ credentials and a course outline will be provided to attendees for continuing education unit purposes.
  • Recommended reading (not required): Radiography Essentials for Limited Practice, 4th edition, December 2012. ISBN-10: 1455740772

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