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Brownfields /Contaminated Sites

Works with communities to identify potential brownfield sites and towards remedying identified sites.

Brownfields Tribal Response Program
(907) 729-5630

Brownfields, also referred to as contaminated sites, are properties complicated by the presence (or potential presence) of hazardous substances, pollutants or contaminants. ANTHC’s Brownfields Tribal Response Program works with communities within the Anchorage Service Unit (and as requested by communities in other regions across the state), to identify potential brownfield sites through outreach and education, and work towards remedying identified sites.

ANTHC’s Brownfields Tribal Response Program provides technical assistance, aid in creating an inventory of contaminated sites, identifying resources and connecting communities with potential partners. In addition, the program assists in site reuse planning and facilitating efforts for site remediation.

The Consortium’s Brownfields Tribal Response Program also provides mentorship to all other Tribal Response Programs throughout the state of Alaska and provides support through quarterly teleconferences, grants management assistance and collaboration on community events and cleanup activities. If you believe you have a brownfields in your community and are interested in receiving assistance from ANTHC’s Brownfields Tribal Response Program, please contact us.

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