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Regional Supply Service Center

Regional Supply Service Center
P: (907) 729-2980
F: (907) 729-2995

Available catalogs:

There are two catalogs to order from: the stock catalog or the specials catalog. The stock catalog includes popular items that are ordered regularly, including medical supplies, dietary, housekeeping, laboratory and office supplies. The specials catalog includes items that are ordered sporadically, on an as-needed basis. Please keep in mind that the items ordered from this catalog are non-returnable. If you cannot find the item you are looking for in either catalog, contact us at (907) 729-2980.

There are a few different options when ordering.

  • The most effective way, is to fill out the IHS-413 form and fax it to (907) 729-2995. This option is best if you are ordering with a Purchase Order number, ordering more than ten items or requesting special items.
  • Another option is to order by telephone: (907) 729-2980. This option is best when requesting special attention to your order, such as Goldstreak (same day ship) or when your order contains less than ten items.
  • There is also online ordering. To see if you have access to this option, please contact Marisa Jack who will assist with the process. Unfortunately, web ordering is not yet open to those needing approval from offices in separate communities

REMEMBER: When ordering, please remember to have your user/substation code ready. If you do not know the number, please include your telephone number, name and where you are ordering from so that we can contact you.

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