Third ANTHC regional office opens in Kodiak

November 6, 2019
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Karolyn Ceron, was recently hired as ANTHC’s Regional Liaison for the Kodiak Area Native Association. After spending a few weeks at ANTHC’s offices in Anchorage learning about the ANTHC resources to support Tribal members, she returned to Kodiak to support her people. Ceron, an enrolled member of the Sun’aq Tribe and shareholder of Koniag and Afognak Native Corporation, is located in the KANA main building in Kodiak.

ANTHC recognized the need to better support our partners by providing service locally. The diversity of services that ANTHC provides can make it difficult for a Tribal health organization to navigate. It can be a challenge to know and understand all that ANTHC does, let alone who to contact to receive services or resolve issues. By establishing regional liaisons, ANTHC will employ a local resource in the community who knows how to navigate the Consortium, can enhance the knowledge of services available and improve specialty care referrals between the regions and the Alaska Native Medical Center.

Patients often have questions regarding their reservations for travel and housing arrangements or scheduled clinic and diagnostic appointments at ANMC. Ceron will be able to view these schedules and work with case managers and patients, should any of the arrangements need to be changed. While she will not arrange the travel, housing or appointments, she will have access to all of this information and can enhance communication between the patient or staff from the region and ANMC. Additionally, after the patient leaves ANMC, she can help ensure staff members within the Kodiak area receive the correct information for follow-up care.

Ceron is originally from Kodiak and the eldest of eight children. Her maternal grandparents are from Afognak Island and Chignik. She previously worked for ANTHC first as a First Alaskans Institute intern and then for the Wellness and Prevention department in the Division of Community Health Services. After taking some time off to travel across the United States, she is back working for ANTHC and will return to her hometown of Kodiak to support her people.

“The values from my Alaskan Native side are the driving force for what I want to do with my life,” said Ceron, “and I am excited to be home and support my people with their health needs.”

The regional liaison will also be able to assist with connecting members of Kodiak region with any other ANTHC services they may need assistance on, including trainings, environmental health and engineering and more.

She can be reached at or

ANTHC is also hiring Regional Liaisons in Nome, Sitka, Bethel and for the Aleutian Pribilof Islands Association, to join the liaisons already set up in Bristol Bay, Copper River and now Kodiak.

If your region is interested in a Regional Liaison, please contact Jenni Harrison, ANTHC Senior Tribal Health Liaison at or (907) 223-7144.

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