Safety is the focus for ANTHC Environmental Health and Engineering spring conference

April 23, 2018

Health and safety are important aspects of the work done by ANTHC Environmental Health and Engineering, especially on the job. ANTHC Engineering Services and Construction Field Operations group recently held its annual Safety Conference for Construction Field Staff to prepare for the summer construction season. ANTHC construction field staff includes 37 superintendents and other construction trades including electricians, plumbers, mechanics, utility operators and crew leaders. The conference related job safety to the ANTHC vision that Alaska Native people are the healthiest people in the world. Roald Helgesen, ANTHC CEO, presented to the group and stressed the fact that Environmental Health and Engineering not only promotes the ANTHC’s vision with its construction projects that bring water and sanitation access to rural communities, but also does so by keeping field staff and Tribal partners, who make up the local labor force on these projects, properly trained so they go home safe every day. With this in mind, days at the conference were consumed by hands-on and classroom safety training sessions. Local vendor Learn To Return covered topics such as aviation crash survival, CPR/first aid, bear awareness, and environmental hazards in remote places where ANTHC crews work. Pat Easter, ANTHC Environmental Health and Engineering Field Manager, explained that “having all field personnel there, rather than just superintendents, emphasizes the message of safety.” He and ANTHC Environmental Health and Engineering staff are looking forward to a safe and busy construction season ahead. More information on ANTHC’s work in construction and engineering is available at

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