Patient Housing at ANMC summer update

August 1, 2018
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Patient Housing at ANMC has been open for a year and a half now, and our people are enjoying the additional accommodations on campus. Guest satisfaction for Patient Housing remains extremely positive, with our overall customer satisfaction at 89 percent based on surveys returned by our guests in June 2018. “We constantly receive positive feedback from our guests staying at Patient Housing at ANMC,” said Athena Midvag, General Manager for Patient Housing at ANMC. “Our guests love being connected to the hospital, enjoy the on-site café and families really enjoy and appreciate our amenities for children.” As more than 60 percent of ANMC’s patients travel from outside the Anchorage area for care, it is integral for their journey to healing that they have a comfortable and safe place to stay while receiving care. Our Patient Housing and Customer Experience staff are taking patient feedback seriously and working to make improvements in response to the feedback they receive. A Customer Experience housing representative is present, Monday-Thursday, on the airport shuttle route from the airport to the Alaska Native Health Campus to assist our people in navigating to their lodging location, whether it be at Patient Housing, Quyana House or an off-campus property. Since Patient Housing at ANMC opened in January 2017, leadership has made a number of changes based on customer feedback. Patient Housing recently implemented a Medicaid Reservationist to assist guests in finding off-site hotels when all onsite rooms are full, adding another level of customer service for our guests. “We are constantly trying to improve and adapt to better serve our guests,” added Midvag. Another example of using feedback to make improvements is the creation of an Elder check-in line at the Patient Housing front desk during busy periods. There is a large banner directing Elders to a specific check-in terminal and a desk-mounted plaque identifying the space. This allows Elders to receive an expedited check-in experience during busy check-in periods due to simultaneous flight arrivals. The Café at Patient Housing also recently added a traditional foods station, which is the first food station seen when entering the café area. This station features plain baked fish, steamed vegetables and sticky rice daily! It is a very popular offering among our Elders and patients trying to eat healthy! We are pleased our patients are enjoying the new Patient Housing facility and the amenities provided. Our teams will keep listening to patient and guest feedback to make our guests’ stays positive and comfortable. Our teams take patient feedback very seriously and work hard to make needed adjustments. If you have any feedback regarding Patient Housing, please contact Athena Midvag at (907) 729-5641 Information about Patient Housing:   Related story: Traumatic injury made less painful thanks to specialty care at ANMC and attentive Patient Housing staff: Part 2 – Comfort away from home

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