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New information on life expectancy in Alaska

August 18, 2017

Recently, a State of Alaska Epidemiology Bulletin was released that details patterns in life expectancy in Alaska from 1990 to 2015. The Bulletin was published with information from ANTHC’s Alaska Native Epidemiology Center and examines the racial disparities in life expectancy in Alaska Native and American Indian people, and non-Alaska Native or American Indian people in the state.

The electronic Bulletin can be found at The good news for the health of all Alaskans is that a slow but steady increase in life expectancy was seen from 1990 to 2015 for all races in Alaska.

Yet, Alaska Native and American Indian people have a shorter life expectancy compared to non-Alaska Native or American Indian people. Significant contributors to this disparity are higher mortality rates from unintentional injury, heart disease and suicide. ANTHC has many programs and health services aimed at decreasing these disparities, including our Injury Prevention Program, Behavioral Health suicide prevention activities and the strong cardiology clinic at the Alaska Native Medical Center.

ANTHC remains committed to analyzing the information about the health of our people and working toward health solutions that will help achieve our vision that Alaska Native people are the healthiest people in the world.

For more analysis of the Bulletin, see: Live long and prosper, Alaskans: Life expectancy report shows improvements, but more might need to be done.

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