Is the Tribally-Sponsored Health Insurance Program right for you?

March 11, 2019

Did you know Tribes and Tribal health organizations now pay for health insurance for Alaska Native and American Indian people who qualify? The Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium is offering Tribally-Sponsored Health Insurance (T-SHIP), which will give our people enrolled more health care options and help expand access to care in Tribal health facilities.

 What is T-SHIP?

In May 2014, Tribally-Sponsored Health Insurance Program was created to benefit our patients as well as Tribal health organizations across Alaska. ANTHC saves money by paying for Premera Blue Cross health insurance rather than paying for health care associated costs. T-SHIP has proven to be a successful program by decreasing Indian Health Service (IHS) spending, the financial savings can then be put toward improving Tribal health for Alaska Native and American Indian populations all across Alaska. Those who qualify can enroll in the Tribally-Sponsored Health Insurance Program and have ANTHC pay for Premera Blue Cross Premiums, there is no monthly premium cost for patients who qualify.

 Who is eligible?

Individuals who are eligible for Indian Health Services and do NOT have other options for health insurance (i.e., Medicare, Medicaid, Veteran Benefits, or employer-offered insurance).

 Why enroll in T-SHIP?

  • Your health care options will increase.
  • Individuals under age 19 are eligible for vision and dental coverage.
  • T-SHIP enrollees can have their taxes prepared for FREE.
  • The amount of government funding ANTHC receives is only about 35 percent of what is needed to run our facilities. By enrolling in T-SHIP, you will help our Tribal health organization grow to provide better health care opportunities for our people.

“Before having enrolled in T-SHIP, I had to pay for my recovery treatment services out-of-pocket. After enrolling in T-SHIP, I am now saving more than $800/month in treatment costs. I am so thankful for the opportunities T-SHIP provided me; I have been able to get my life back on track, pay off student loans, and have enough money left to put into a personal savings account!” – Current T-SHIP enrollee.

For more information or to find out if you qualify, contact the ANTHC T-SHIP team by calling (907) 729-5696 or 1 (888) 770-7346, or emailing

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