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@ANTHCtoday shares positive Alaska Native images on Instagram

January 28, 2019

In Alaska, we use social media to connect with friends and family, share photos and recipes, update loved ones on how we’re doing, and watch videos of puppies and babies. At ANTHC, we’re connecting with our followers to share stories of our work and Alaska Native people. On Facebook (, we share news, events, safety tips, services and general goings-on at the Consortium. On Instagram, a growing platform, we are gaining followers for sharing our vision that Alaska Native people are the healthiest people in the world. A newer account and channel, @ANTHCtoday visually highlights our Alaska Native people living positive and healthy lifestyles. Instagram followers will see photos and videos of our Native people from all over the state living cultural values through, eating and preparing our traditional foods, our art and music, and participating in community and wellness activities. One highlight in particular is a weekly hashtag that blends traditional values with Alaska Native health and wellness. Each Tuesday, @ANTHCtoday features a #TraditionalTuesday post that shares real-life, positive images of Alaska Native people living our traditions. Additionally, we’ll use Instagram to show off the Alaska Native Health Campus in Anchorage, various wellness programs and initiatives, along with staff and the people who make ANTHC tick. If you’re on Instagram, give us a follow and share your own vision of Alaska Native health and wellness!

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