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ANTHC team helps Gulkana keep clean water flowing

November 19, 2018

A team from ANTHC Tribal Utility Support recently traveled to Gulkana to fix several problems with the water treatment system that threatened the community’s ability to provide clean water. Excess sediment around the well pump was reducing the flow of river water to the water treatment plant and clogging up system equipment. In addition, an improperly installed heat tape was allowing ice to build up around the pipe that carries the water from the river to the plant. Both conditions raised the risk of plant shutdown, which would cut off the supply of clean water for residents. The local water plant operators were kept busy at all hours adjusting treatment methods and making temporary fixes to the system to keep it running. At the community’s request, an ANTHC Tribal Utility Support crew traveled to Gulkana to replace the obstructed well pump, clear the area around the pump using a jetter hose, and install a hydrocyclone,a device which separates sediment from river water before it enters the treatment system. These repairs reduce the risk of water shutdown due to damaged equipment or freeze-ups and help ensure that Gulkana residents have adequate access to clean water for their health needs. They will also help the system run more efficiently overall and reduce the maintenance required to keep the plant running.

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