ANTHC receives American Cancer Society Award for dedication to cancer recovery

September 23, 2019

The American Cancer Society – Alaska Advisory Board honored the Consortium this summer, along with five fellow contributors to cancer recovery. ANTHC was the first organization in Alaska selected for the 2019 Innovator Champion Award for dedicating expertise and ingenuity to fight cancer in Alaska Native communities and beyond. 

Many Alaskans experience the challenging toll of cancer. The ANMC Oncology and Hematology Clinic specializes in providing a range of services for our people. The Consortium’s Cancer Program within ANTHC Community Health Services also collaborates with Alaska Tribal Health System partners to provide the best, most culturally appropriate education, training, support and resources available to prevent and heal from cancer.

Please join us celebrating this recognition. The award is displayed in the Oncology Clinic at the Healthy Communities Building on the Alaska Native Health Campus.

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