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ANTHC Diabetes Program honored by American Diabetes Association Alaska

April 14, 2017

On April 8, ANTHC was recognized by the American Diabetes Association, Alaska as the recipient of the 2017 Golden Rose Award, an honor for an individual or organization who has made a significant impact in the field of diabetes in Alaska.

Key programs of the ANTHC Diabetes Program were highlighted as examples of high-quality care for preventing diabetes and improving the health of people with diabetes. Program staff are a multidisciplinary team of diabetes content experts who work in partnership with the Alaska Tribal Health System to serve as a premier resource for diabetes care, prevention and surveillance. They work with clinical staff for diabetic care, facilitate diabetes prevention activities and education, and provide program support for communities throughout Alaska.

In Alaska, there are 68,500 people who are affected by diabetes and more than one third do not know it; in addition, many thousands of Alaskans are at risk for developing the disease. More information about diabetes and its risks is available from the American Diabetes Association, Alaska.

Congratulations to the ANTHC Diabetes Program for your commitment to health and preventative diabetes care for our Alaska Native people. For more information about the ANTHC Diabetes Program and its work, visit

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