ANTHC Chief of Staff recruitment

October 5, 2021

ANTHC is currently recruiting for our Chief of Staff. This position, under the direction of the ANTHC President, will help facilitate effective communication between the ANTHC President and executive leadership. Duties include a mix of strategic and programmatic responsibilities and working with, and as a part of, leadership to coordinate, align, and advance organizational priorities; provides specialized coordination and support to ensure proper prioritization, alignment and resourcing of ANTHC staff and functions to achieve the organization’s strategic goals and objectives.


  • Supports the success of divisions and departments reporting to the Office of the President. Create a structure for the President to identify and implement operational improvements. Lead and partner on special projects at the direction of the President. Work closely with leadership to coordinate, align, and build cohesion across the organization and to advance priorities. Facilitates communication between the President and executive leadership. Member of ANTHC’s leadership team.
  • Ensures the President receives accurate, complete and timely information. Coordinate with executive staff to ensure President is aware of critical issues. Work with employees across the organization to develop appropriate materials and requests to the President. Develop timely and informative communication for executive leadership regarding decisions, changes in direction and prioritization and other guidance from the President. Provides direction, and assists in the preparation of, highly professional business plans, proposals, briefing materials and presentations.
  • Develops current and long-range goals and objectives to implement the strategic plan. Tracks key strategic and operational initiatives. Works closely with, and as part of, the executive leadership to carry out directives, anticipating and responding to changing circumstances and demands. Identify and develop workable, innovative solutions for organization needs and improvement.
  • Provides advanced project management and logistical support to President for ANTHC operations and strategic plans. Manages and ensures that long-term projects and key initiatives are executed in an efficient, effective and diligent manner. Tracks performance of financial, operational, legal, compliance and other critical functions.
  • Assists President in managing external affairs and communications to appropriately represent ANTHC in a variety of environments. Prepares speeches, drafts correspondence, and coordinates responses to highly sensitive and confidential matters. Facilitate effective, efficient and timely communication and responses from the Office of the President in a professional manner and appropriate manner for the audience.
  • Represents the Office of the President and fulfills commitments with internal and external contacts, partners, and organizations, as directed. Serves on internal and external boards, committees, task forces, and work groups. Manages Develop and preview briefing materials, proposals, and other communication for and to the President to ensure clear, concise messaging appropriate to the audience.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

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