ANMC celebrates Clergy Appreciation Month

October 28, 2016

When it comes to recovering from an injury or illness, for many people the healing process includes more than the medicine and care received from our medical staff. Many of our patients welcome visits from clergy members volunteering at the Alaska Native Medical Center. October is Clergy Appreciation Month, and ANMC’s Volunteer Services celebrated and thanked our pastoral volunteers with a special meal and tokens of appreciation for all. ANMC has 35 clergy volunteer members, 17 of whom are Alaska Native or American Indian. They come from various places of worship visiting our people in the hospital on a regular basis, providing comforting words for our patients and their families. “The volunteer clergy and pastoral ministry team members are considered among the first responders in times of crisis and many of our volunteers come in on call every day to visit our people,” said Roberta Miljure, ANMC Volunteer Services Coordinator. At ANMC, we focus on holistic healing—a process that includes healing the whole person and not just the injury or illness currently present, but the mind and spirit as well. For those of our patients who are religious or spiritual, a visit from a trusted clergy member can help with the healing process or help a terminally ill patient and their family cope with what is to come. The nature of the service provided by clergy members is unique and special. Thank you to all of ANMC’s dedicated and passionate clergy who provide meaningful services to our people every day. If you see them in the halls of ANMC, please take the time to thank them for their dedicated service.

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