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ANMC adds nine additional inpatient beds to hospital

March 25, 2016

Access to care for our people remains one of ANMC’s top priorities. With a growing population, access to care is increasing and ANMC leadership has been working hard to expand space within our existing walls. We recently contracted with Alaska Sleep Center to conduct sleep studies, freeing up the space occupied by our sleep lab on the west side of ANMC’s fifth floor adult inpatient unit. We were able to convert the sleep lab into two needed additional inpatient beds. This service is also available in more locations in the state through this new contract. Earlier this month, ANMC opened our new Flex Bed Unit. This new unit is on the east side the ANMC hospital’s second floor, adjacent to our Critical Care Unit (CCU). This new inpatient space accommodates clinical support space and can be reconfigured depending on our hospital census and needs for the area. The unit provides seven additional CCU beds and three pre/post-operative bays or three CCU beds and seven pre/post-operative bays. As access needs for high-acuity inpatient care continues to increase, the ANMC hospital will grow to meet the demand. The next step in this area of the hospital is to further expand our CCU unit to the west, adding an additional six beds in FY18.

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