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Alaska Dental Therapy Educational Program
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Bonnie’s Story: How a Dental Therapist Cares for Her Community
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Dental Health Aide Therapists: Investing in Our People
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Expanding the Dental Team: Improving Access to Care in Public Settings (2014)
Innovative ways of delivering dental care are emerging to reach traditionally underserved populations. In this study, The Pew Charitable Trusts looked at three examples of dental providers working to expand care to underserved populations in nonprofit public settings. One of the settings Pew researchers studied was the Norton Sound Health Corporation where the work of two Dental Health Aide Therapists (ADTEPs) was studied.
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A ADTEP Personal Narrative (2013)
Conon Murart was one of the first Alaska Native people to become certified as a Dental Health Aide Therapist. Conan’s shares his motivations and experiences in this narrative.
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Alaska Dental Health Aide Program (2013)
Discusses the workforce model and some experience to date of Alaska’s Dental Health Aide (DHA) Initiative that was introduced under the federally sanctioned Alaska Community Health Aide Program. These new dental team members wok with Tribal Health Organization (THO) dentists and hygienists to provide education, prevention and basic restorative services in a culturally appropriate manner.
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Economic Viability of Dental Therapists (2013)
A first-of-its-kind report assessing the economic viability of services provided by practicing dental therapists in Alaska and Minnesota finds that they are increasing access to routine and preventive care for children and low-income adults.
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A Review of the Global Literature on Dental Therapists (2012)
An extensive review of the literature documenting care provided by dental therapists and clinical outcomes worldwide indicates that they offer safe, effective dental care to children.
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Evaluation of the Dental Health Aide Therapist Workforce Model in Alaska (2010)
The first major independent evaluation of the Alaska dental therapist program, conducted by RTI International, found that dental therapists in Alaska are providing safe, competent, appropriate dental services.
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