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Update and refresh coming to ANMC hospital exterior and front entrance

July 29, 2016

Opened in 1997, the Alaska Native Medical Center hospital is almost 20 years old and experiencing the expected growing pains and aging issues for a facility its age. Our teams are constantly making improvements around the Alaska Native Health Campus. As we enter the later summer and early fall season, we will see many updates in and around the hospital.

Currently, ANTHC’s Strategic Access Team is working with a local contractor to rebuild our sidewalks and curbs outside the ANMC hospital. This week, crews started working outside to replace the current sidewalks and curbs. As part of this phase of the project, the parking lots will also be resealed and parking lines repainted.

We will also have a contractor working to clean and refresh all of the brick on the exterior of the ANMC hospital. The crews will resemble a window washing crew, hanging from outside of the building while cleaning all of its exterior surfaces.

Beginning in August and continuing through the end of October, a contractor will begin work on the ANMC front entrance and rotunda, replacing the uneven slate tile that is currently there and replacing it with a smoother tiled surface. The current slate tile is very rough, which makes for an uncomfortable trip for our people in wheelchairs through the front rotunda area of ANMC. While the rotunda area is under construction, the front information desk and Central Registration will be temporarily relocated to the East side of ANMC, where the Oncology Clinic was formerly located.  All of our clinics and services will be fully operational.

This work will happen over the next three months. Please be alert while driving and walking on campus and in the hospital. Some areas will be temporarily out of service for these improvements, so watch for new traffic patterns and signage directing you where to go. Thank you for your patience and understanding while we make some much needed improvements to the ANMC hospital.

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