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Tribally-driven health research supports Alaska Native health priorities

July 29, 2016

Recently, 14 health related manuscripts, three research proposals and nine abstracts were submitted for review by the ANTHC Abstract, Manuscript, and Proposal Review Committee (AMP-RC). This internal committee reviews submissions in advance of our Health Research Review Committee (HRRC) meeting. HRRC is an ANTHC Board committee charged with final review of all health related manuscripts and all research proposals. Throughout the course of a year, more than 100 such submissions are received, each with the goal of positively impacting the health of our people.

Tribal oversight of research ensures that we are focusing on the health issues that are important to Alaska Native people and that our people have a collaborative role in research participation, feedback and dissemination.

HRRC reviews and approves all health research conducted within ANMC and ANTHC. Additionally, within the Alaska Tribal Health System, each Tribal health organization exercises control over research in their respective regional Alaska Native communities through similar research review and approval policies and procedures.

To be eligible for HRRC review, all research proposals must first be reviewed and approved by the Alaska Area Institutional Review Board (AAIRB). ANTHC Clinical and Research Services staff members provide support to the HRRC by receiving and tracking submissions and performing preliminary review and providing recommendations to the HRRC. Prior to HRRC review, all research abstracts, manuscripts and proposals are internally reviewed by knowledgeable Alaska Native Health Campus staffs who volunteer on the AMP Review Committee. The AMP-RC provides feedback to authors and investigators and the HRRC may also request additional revisions.

Research activities have had a dramatic impact on the lives of the Alaska Native people and ANTHC recognizes the importance of building a robust research department with staff who are dedicated to research with Alaska Native people and who understand the importance of Tribally-driven research.

Current research projects include studies in cancer, liver disease and hepatitis, tobacco use, pediatric and maternal health, climate change and other areas important to Alaska Native health.

For more information on ANTHC AMP-RC review and the ANTHC Clinical and Research Services, visit

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