Tribal Utility Support training helps protect new Buckland fluoridation system

March 25, 2016

In partnership with the statewide Village Safe Water engineering group, ANTHC Tribal Utility Support staff members Darrin Bartz and Pierre Costello provided operator training in the operation of the new Buckland fluoridation system for the Northwest Alaska community. Buckland recently commissioned a new state of the art water treatment plan facility which highlights a fluoridation system installed to improve oral health in the community. Both Bartz and Costello have several years of experience in the application of fluoride systems in rural Alaska and teamed with Maniilaq Environmental Health Officer Chris Dankmeyer to provide the training. A classroom training portion was provided to fulfill continuing education units (CEUs) for the four local operators who participated. Continuing education in operations and maintenance of utility systems helps ensure that rural utility systems continue to provide community benefits for many years. ANTHC Tribal Utility Support plans to continue providing joint training efforts to support the community in the future.

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