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Cancer clinical trials coming to ANMC

June 17, 2016

Soon, Alaska Native people receiving cancer treatment at ANMC will have the opportunity to participate in cancer clinical trials. The new Clinical Trials Program is a cooperative effort between the ANMC Oncology Clinic and ANTHC Clinical and Research Services.

Clinical trials are research studies that look for new ways to find or treat cancer. Before a new cancer therapy is used, it is tested in clinical trials with many people to make sure it is safe and it works. Up to now, there have been few cancer clinical trials that have included Alaska Native people as participants.

Interested ANMC patients will have several options to participate in clinical trials. They can agree to have their medical records reviewed or have blood or tissue tested. Participants can be healthy people, at risk for cancer or already have cancer. All volunteers for a clinical trial will have information about the benefits and risks. Participation will be voluntary, based on informed consent, and volunteers can change their mind at any time.

The safety of ANMC clinical trials is reviewed and approval by the Alaska Area Institutional Review Board, the ANTHC Health Research Review Committee and Southcentral Foundation Research Oversight and Executive Committees.

In the coming months, look for more information about these new cancer clinical trials and opportunities for participation.

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