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Attend the Health Fair at AFN for flu shots, health education and more

September 16, 2016

In partnership with Tanana Chiefs Conference, ANTHC will support a Health Fair held at the Alaska Federation of Natives (AFN) Conference Thursday, Oct. 20 and Friday, Oct. 21. The health fair will offer a variety of health information and services for the thousands of conference attendees at the Carlson Center in Fairbanks.

As Alaska enters flu season, offering free influenza vaccines to all adult attendees is one of the health fair’s most important and immediate contributions. Other programs and services at the Health Fair will include: injury prevention; diabetes management; breast and cervical cancer awareness; tobacco cessation; healthy meal planning and much more.

Tanana Chiefs Conference, ANTHC, Southcentral Foundation and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will partner to host this year’s Health Fair at AFN. Look for more information as we get closer to the event.

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