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ANTHC’s nurses practice patient and family-driven care at ANMC

February 12, 2016

Since 2003, the Alaska Native Medical Center has been Alaska’s only Magnet®-recognized hospital, which reflects its high quality patient care, nursing excellence and innovations in professional nursing practice. Our nurses display their commitment and excellence through professional development, shared governance and evidence-based practice at ANMC.

One of the ways our nurses go above and beyond in their work is by practicing a customer-owner and family-driven model of care. This type of care is more widely known as patient and family-centered care, but ANMC has customized the name for our hospital. Patient and family-centered organizations are regularly recognized for demonstrating the best health care delivery operating system.

There are four core concepts of this model of care: respect and dignity, information sharing, participation and collaboration. As part of this model that puts the focus on people, our nurses ensure our patients’ families are included in the conversations about their health and recovery. Patients and their families are invited to actively participate in their health care, such as asking questions about their health and progress. Including a patient and their family as active participants in their health care increases success for total recovery and healing once the patient leaves the hospital.

“Working with ANTHC’s nurses on these concepts has been more rewarding than I could have ever imagined,” said Lina Allen, Project Manager for ANMC’s Central Nursing. “As a customer-owner, I’ve always been passionate about improving the patient experience. This work is about consistently doing the right thing for the people we serve.”

New ANTHC nurses receive education on our model of care at nursing orientation and continue to receive training throughout their careers at the ANMC hospital. ANTHC’s nurses are known for going above and beyond in their work, and that dedication is one of the reasons why ANMC has remained Alaska’s only Magnet-recognized hospital.

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