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ANTHC partners to provide more sleep studies for our people

January 29, 2016

A good night’s sleep is key to a person’s health and quality of life, and our people facing sleep issues need timely access to sleep studies and services. Until recently, ANMC had two patient rooms on 5 West reserved for nightly sleep studies. Having only two available rooms for sleep studies was not meeting our patient access needs, so ANTHC leadership contracted the sleep studies out to Alaska Sleep Clinic.

With this partnership, we increased the number of nightly sleep studies available in Anchorage from two to four. The Alaska Sleep Clinic also has facilities in Fairbanks, Soldotna, and Wasilla, which provides an added convenience for our patients living in or near those areas. Sleep studies are conducted Monday-Saturday for patients 16 and older.

Physicians in ANTHC’s Pulmonology and Sleep Clinic will read and interpret our patients’ sleep studies from the Alaska Sleep Clinic and work with patients on the best options for any necessary medical equipment.

ANTHC constantly works to provide timely access to services needed by our patients. According to the National Institutes of Health, 50 to 70 million Americans are affected by chronic sleep disorders and intermittent sleep problems that can significantly diminish health, alertness and safety. In addition to providing this needed service, we have converted those two rooms back to patient care rooms to further increase our access to care.

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