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Alaskans Coming Together recruiting participants for “ACT on the Trail” Iditarod wellness challenge

February 12, 2016

As Alaskans look forward to the upcoming 2016 Iditarod, we have a unique opportunity to support both the Last Great Race and a statewide wellness initiative “ACT on the Trail.” Alaskans Changing Together (ACT) is an initiative for all communities across Alaska to come together with shared hope and vision for wellness for Alaskans.

ANTHC is pleased to partner with ACT during the Iditarod season for ACT on the Trail to empower Alaskans to establish wellness goals, encourage their families, friends and neighbors in wellness, and to prevent abuse, neglect, suicide and suffering in their communities.

Key initiatives of ACT on the Trail include establishing local wellness coalitions, youth councils and youth leaders’ clubs; developing personal wellness plans; and building community resilience through locally driven solutions.

Iditarod champion John Baker and Gov. Bill Walker are ACT advocates and are helping spread the message of community wellness throughout the Iditarod season. Learn more about ACT on the Trail and how your community can get involved by visiting

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